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SailfishOS SDK

Now is available SailfishOS SDK alpha version, the first impression is very good. Developing’ve found a bug in documentation of DatePickerDialog, Vesa-Matti Hartikainen suggest me to change the code in

 Button {
    id: button
    text: "choose a date"
    onClicked: {
       var dialog = pageStack.openDialog("Sailfish.Silica.DatePickerDialog", {
       year: 2012,
       month: 11,
       day: 23

     dialog.accepted.connect(function() {
        button.text = "you chose: " + dialog.dateText

and now it is ok.

This year five Qt/Qml smartphone platform

Ubuntu yesterday presented own mobile platform. Ubuntu mobile has sdk  two sdks, one for the (over pumped) html5 and other with Qt/Qml. Also others platforms have this approach, for example BB10. Jolla will use Qt, furthermore Digia has announced Qt for IOS and Android in this year. All this should to be the dream of every Qt developer. Develop ui with qml (and rewrite it for any platform) and write once the logic in c++ or javascript. Everything can be improved, for example why haven’t same api all platform? I think that this is impossible for various reasons (technical, commercial, etc.) but something can done. Why is hovered in Ubuntu mobile and clicked in BB10 (and other) for the same event? With html5 we have the same api on all platform, thus i think that Qt5 for to be a viable alternative (if not better) to Html5 should change little things. Thanks Digia, Community and all those who develop with qt. I am in the game and I do not like to lose.

Install v-play with OpenSuse 12.2

These days I’m looking for a Linux distribution to replace kubuntu on my laptop. Of course I have to test the operation of all the SDK and tools I use to develop. So I installed the v-play ( dependencies with successfully on opensuse 12.2 with these commands:

  1. zypper install mesa-libgl-dev
  2. zypper addrepo htpp:// opensuse-games-i586
  3. zypper install libglfw-devel
  4. zypper install freeglut-devel
  5. zypper install libzip-devel