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The UX as humanity

The UX as humanity, as attention to another. I’m thinking these days, thinking about the first meeting of idf benevento. I often think (or we think) to have a good UX to create a winning product. Thinking well, however, to create a good UX means having care for each other, put aside their own beliefs, their own patterns and step into the shoes of the other. The more we are good at doing that, the more we are good to have this empathy with each other, the more the UX will be better. So UX is humanity.

UX not always is cool

One of my hobbies is to develop educational software for children. In this moment in history, app. When using a new medium is always tempting to use anything that is new, but it is not always a good thing.
In a software in multiple choice, a teacher told me: “use the drag & drop not use the click on the buttons, it’s a tablet is not a PC.”
I was silent, I asked the children to choose trying the two solutions, answer: “is the most menial click, we want the buttons.” (Now the teacher is silent)
It is not always what’s cool is usable. From my experience use the drag & drop when you have a multi choice with multiple answers (see figure).

is it new or old UX?

I waited for the Leap Motion for 8 months. Finally today I tried it, I have to say I think it is fun and also useful in certain activities, not only educational and fun.

This type of interface opens new scenarios, to date the GUI for PC take their cue from the real world as windows, drawers and disfigures them in the virtual world, the drawer of my bedside table does not open by double clicking above, as I do not make the window disappear by pressing a button. I wonder if the leapmotion, (and similar devices that will be), with the new (in the virtual world) way of interaction, which is closer to those we use in the physical world, does not lead to rethink user interfaces and the user experience more modeled on the physical world (in case opening a directory pulling and not pressing).

Mobile Autologin Pattern

I’m thinking if is usefull to use autologin pattern for mobile application. If i have a application that has need of authentication, is correct to give to userĀ  the possibility of auto login and to give to userĀ  the possibility to disable this function ?
A browser that remembers authentication info isn’t more secure (for me).