The occasion makes man distracted

Today I saw that one of my favorite tools, Trello, created the Desktop version; the slogan of this choice is “Eliminate Distractions”. In fact, web tools have increased the usability of the tools (just use a web browser) but if we are honest we must admit that the browser is a source of distractions; is it really so easy to check mail every time we open that “blessed” window? Is it easy to resist the temptation to read that news? By paraphrasing an old proverb: “The occasion makes the thief man” (and considering that wasting time is a theft to ourselves) we could say that “The occasion makes man distracted.” The return to desktop applications could help (even grandma’s methods are sometimes the most effective)

Not only robot

In this period the figure of Isaac Asimov is very present, for the laws of robotics. There is another book That I think is very timely: “The Nacked Sun”. In this book, in addition to being present robots with their problems, there is a world where humans communicate only look through a screen, trying to bother even to not stay in the same room with other people, because they do not want to breathe the same air. The same procreation is just artificial. Is it a science fiction book?

Are we all copies?

In these days i see a lot of peoples that want to think as Jobs or Gates or others, but these are originals because are themselves, no copy. I see a lot of books to think as Jobs or similar, with all the respect for Jobs, but i think that he is not the best mind of the world. Copernico, Galileo, Leonardo, Einstein, Turing, Tesla. Ritchie, were stupids? Don’t have they improved the world? Maybe we think what Genius does not require effort, but Edison told: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”, it is harder than reading a book.


In these days we talk a lot of coding as the new critical thinking and as new literature. I want to go besides, perhaps with the coding you are back to the old science, That before the French Revolution (from That moment onwards Scientists have always Been More classified in sectoral almost confused with the “technical” disciplines). Prior to this  (the two World Conflicts completed this change) the Scientists were multidisciplinary, think of Galileo, Leonardo And Others; they were philosophers, inventors, hackers (curious) Today with the coding maybe we again individually purchasing this multidisciplinarity,  Returning to take care of the diversity of Humanity aspects (the software must Solve a Problem (reduced to mathematical formulas – pure coding) but must interface with Being Human (psychology visual, emotional, etc.), dropped in the context (sociology.) What the machines push us to rediscover humanity That we were losing?

OpenSuse Leap 42.1 Nvidia failure after update

Today (in the morning) i have updated my Suse, after the reboot instead of the graphical login appears a X11 black screen. With CTRL+ALT+F1 i can log in textual mode and see the output of dmesg, seems that not all the NVIDIA packages are updated to the latest version. I found this solution (i hope it can to be useful for other user that have this problem), reinstall all NVIDIA packages already installed. After the reboot i had graphical login.

The UX as humanity

The UX as humanity, as attention to another. I’m thinking these days, thinking about the first meeting of idf benevento. I often think (or we think) to have a good UX to create a winning product. Thinking well, however, to create a good UX means having care for each other, put aside their own beliefs, their own patterns and step into the shoes of the other. The more we are good at doing that, the more we are good to have this empathy with each other, the more the UX will be better. So UX is humanity.

UX not always is cool

One of my hobbies is to develop educational software for children. In this moment in history, app. When using a new medium is always tempting to use anything that is new, but it is not always a good thing.
In a software in multiple choice, a teacher told me: “use the drag & drop not use the click on the buttons, it’s a tablet is not a PC.”
I was silent, I asked the children to choose trying the two solutions, answer: “is the most menial click, we want the buttons.” (Now the teacher is silent)
It is not always what’s cool is usable. From my experience use the drag & drop when you have a multi choice with multiple answers (see figure).

Qt5.3.1 and IOS

If you have developed for ios with a previous version of Qt, after that you open your project the buttons build and run can to be ghost. In this case i suggest to close QtCreator, to open xcode and run a project.After to close xcode, and run QtCreator. Now should to be all ok. Good work